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Robert Todd Carroll

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ghosts (poltergeists), , Ͱ̽Ʈ

ΰ ȥ(spirit)̶ . , 䰡 Ư λ Ͼ ҿ Ѵٰ DZ⵵ Ѵ. ȥ κ µ, ڰ 䰡 ӹ , 翡 ū ̽׸ ϳ̸, ˸ ̴. κ öڴ, (fairies) ϰ ִ.

Ͱ̽Ʈ (δ ò ȥ) ò ̴. , ڽ 縦 ε帮 Ҹ ˸ rap ƼƮ Ҹ. Ͱ̽Ʈ ó , ҵ 峭 ൿ Ѵ.

̾߱ κ , ׵ ϴ .

ȭ ִٰ Ѵ. Ư  縦 , ų Ҹ ȴٰ Ѵ. ׵ ̷ ϴ ƴϴ. κ ͽŵ ǹ Ÿ dz ߵȴ.   ڵ ȭ ̻ Ҹ dz Ͼ ϰų, ٶ Ű ļ Ҹ ȯⱸ ü Ͽ ٰ Ѵ.

õ ׸ : astral projection, dualism, haunted houses, mind, and near-death experiences.

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reader comments

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Copyright 2002
Robert Todd Carroll

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