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exorcism, ҽ

    ̶, 𸶻 ӿ Ʋ

( : exocism ǽ ϴ Ƹ ̿ 𸶷϶ ƴұ մϴ. ̱ۿ ϴ ǽ 縯 ͽ ѴǽԴϴ. ܾ ϱ⵵ մϴ.)

ǽ, Ǹ ̳ Ǵ ؼ ź̳ Ǹ Ƴ Ƿ̴. 뿡 ȭ ̷ ǽ ־. θ 縯ȸ 絵 ͽŵ鸲() ϰ ְ, 縯 źδ 絵, ֹ̳ ⵵, ⹰, , ڰ ⵶ ɺ ̿ؼ Ǹ Ѵ ̸ "real exocism" õѴ.

ǽ (exocism) ΰ Ͽ Ӹ ƴ϶, ϴ ̳, ؼ ִ. , "real exocism" ʿ " ǽ( Ƹ ħϴ Ͱ ̳ ༺ϴ )" Ѵ. ź 𿡳 ִ δ. ǽ ƹ ʿ Ǹ Ȱ Ҷ ʿϴ.

δ ƴ κ ʿ ͽŵȴٴ źп̳ ı ȯ ɸ ̰ų Ȥ , ȸ ϸ鼭 ߱ϰ Ǵ ̴. ͽŵ鸰 ൿ ȭ, Ű Ǵ ü ȯ ȯ ൿ ſ ϴ.

ǽ ȭ °, ġ Ͽ õǰ ִ٣׵ ȯڰ  "ü", ׵ ȯڵ ̶ ϴ , Ȯϰ ϰ, ϴ ġ̴. ̵ "ü Ѵ ġ (Entity release therapists)" "ü" ϱ װ , 縯 ͽŵ鸲 ġϴ ŭ̳ ٰŰ ̴. ׷, ͽŵ鸲 ̽ſ Ұϴٴ ϰϰ ϰ ִ. ̰ Ư, "ҽýƮ" "ƹƼ " ȭ Ҽ ұ ̴. ̷ , ̿ ̾߱ ϰ ٸ糾 ִٴ Ѵ. ̵ ̷ ̾߱ ϱ ؼ ģ.

õ ׸ : ghosts, haunted houses, hypnosis, mesmerism and satan.

б ڷ

Gold, Mark S. The Good News About Depression : Cures and Treatments in the New Age of Psychiatry (New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1995). This book does not deal with exorcism but it has a great deal of material on physical disorders whose symptoms mimic mental illness, as well as material on symptoms of brain disorders including schizophrenia and hypermania, as well as depression. Many of these physical illnesses have been, and still are, mistaken for demonic possession by the ignorant and superstitious.

Singer, Margaret Thaler and Janja Lalich. Crazy Therapies (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc., 1996). Review.

Spanos, Nicholas P. Multiple Identities and False Memories: A Sociocognitive Perspective (Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association, 1996).

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Robert Todd Carroll

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